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Essential smartphone accessories to buy

There’s no doubt that technology through smartphones has simplified the world we live in. Most of the day to day things can be easily achieved by using a smartphone. These phones come with great hardware and operating systems featuring millions of amazing apps. When you buy a smartphone today, you get a good package, but there’s still the option of additional accessories that enhance the smartphone. Most of these accessories are compatible with almost all smartphones, but there are accessories specifically designed for particular devices. Let’s take a look at some of the best smartphone accessories you can buy:

Selfie stick
Today, life is all about experiences and adventure and the best way of keeping the memories is through pictures and selfies to be precise. The adventure is best when you are a group of people, and you get tired straining your arm trying to cover the whole group in the selfie. Get a selfie stick compatible with any smartphone and Bluetooth enabled allowing you to get a good glimpse of the environment around and your friends too.

Portable charger
Having a low battery when you are supposed to be meeting some friends is the worst feeling ever. Imagine you are trying to navigate to a new place, and your battery indicates its low. Get a portable power bank charger and be sure you are sorted all the way. It makes life easy by charging up to two devices at a time and always keeps you online no matter where you are going. Don’t wait for the frustration of a low battery.

Portable Bluetooth speaker
You have now gone on an adventure, and you want to have some good time and listen to music as a group. All your mobile phones combined no matter how charged up they are can’t give you the kind of music you like. A Bluetooth speaker comes in to save the day; you can enjoy loud music and even dance to the rhythm with just one speaker. The best one should be wireless, waterproof for outdoor use and can connect to up to two devices.

It comes a time when the group music now bores you, or you need to relax on your own with cool and not so loud music. The Bluetooth speaker here is now out of the question since you need some alone time. The headphones now come in to save the day. You can enjoy your own music playlist with no distractions.

Camera lenses
Sometimes the phone camera can’t take quality pictures that you want. The external camera lenses add versatility to your smartphone photography. You can zoom in and out as you like and at the same time take beautiful images. The lens has sturdy clips that fit securely on your smartphone’s camera, and now you can easily take wide-angle photos.

Bluetooth keyboard
Smartphones today have become so powerful that many people use them as their primary computers. The problem now is typing. While touch-based keyboards are getting better every day, some people still prefer the physical keyboard. The Bluetooth keyboard makes it easy for you to use the smartphone as a computer. Fast typing, versatility and enhanced connectivity are some of the features that the wireless keyboard offers. You can now efficiently work from home or from anywhere else using the smartphone as your computer.